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Making your own pet food

Making your own pet food is an option, if done carefully. Dogs are opportunistic carnivores, or omnivores, as humans are. If you can feed yourself properly, with goodf nutrition, you can probably feed your dog.

Cats, however, are obligate carnivores. They need meat for proper nutrition. They cannot manufacture certain nutrients that humans and dogs can. For example, a diet deficient in the amino acid taurine can result in blindness or heart failure. Taurine is a very fragile nutrient and oxidizes/degrades quickly and easily.

For good cat food recipes, that satisfy the nutritional requirements for cats (as recently updated), see:

I have a video of how simple this can be!

If the above recipes are a bit daunting, or you'd like to try something simpler to start, consider a simple ground meat (or ground meat and bone) with supplements added.

Info on Instincts TC versus Feline Instincts here.

Please note! I do NOT recommend buying ground meat at the grocery store. Once ground, meat has significant surface area exposed to air (and bacteria). I recommend buying a pre-ground flash-frozen produce (such as Hare Today) or grinding/chopping your own. Some butchers will grind and immediately freeze for you, but this is generally meat without bone. (Most health ordinances prohibit butchers from using a grinder to process bone that will be used for human meat.)

You can also buy a raw meat diet that's already nutritionally complete (has supplements added), such as Feline's Pride.

Feline's Pride


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