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Recommended by my house full of furry felines. They've tested them all, and these get four paws up!

Peek and Play Box by Smart Cat

Fantastic enhancement to your cat's environment! A nice solid wood box (not cardboard) with holes that allow you to "hide" toys for your cat to retrieve. Great mental stimulation!

$19.99 - Currently out of stock

Alice's Wonderland

My cats love these! Handmade by Alice herself!

Fleece catnip balls - A small opening allows you to replenish catnip as needed. Fun to bat around the house, carry, or just lick! recommends wearing them as hats - but most cats (including Studley) prefer licking them or batting them around the house.

$3.00 each - out of stock

Catnip mice - Darling gray fleece mice.

$3.00 each

Hot Cats Single Link - $4.99 each

out of stock

1.5 inch Mylar Balls - crinkly sparkly magic!

$0.69 each

Omaha & Ralph - my inspiration

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