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Lynette Ackman became interested in feline nutrition in 2004 when she adopted her first special-needs cat, Omaha, an obese cat with "hot spots" (bald scabby areas) caused by allergies. Her interest peaked further when one of her cats, Meow Meow, was diagnosed with diabetes... and she adopted another special-needs cat, Ralph, with a gastro-intestinal disorder. Since then, she's adopted and fostered several diabetic cats and cats with gastro-intestinal disorders. Lynette believes proper nutrition is the foundation for cats' well-being, and often is the best treatment, or even cure for what ails our feline friends.
Lynette was on the Board of Directors of the Tree House Animal Foundation, and volunteered regularly in their cageless cat shelter's clinic. Lynette was President and co-founder of the not-for-profit Feline Outreach, Inc. Feline Outreach is dedicated to providing caregivers with the educational and financial assistance to empower them to keep their cats. Tracie Hotchner of Cat Chat Radio regularly consulted with Lynette for answering her listeners' cat care questions. In addition, Lynette was a regular contributor to,, the Feline CRF-FD Yahoo! group, and other online forums.

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To learn more about Lynette and her cats, visit her personal site.

Lynette's blog is here.

Lynette has a column published every other week in The Greeley Citizen.

Omaha & Ralph - my inspiration

Closed for business

To learn more about caring for your cat, please check out the not-for-profit Feline Outreach!

Feel free to contact me, Lynette Ackman, at Mousabilities!