Customized Spreadsheet Solutions ("AckMacs")

See what's possible with the click of a mouse!

Are you spending too much of your valuable time on routine paperwork? I can help! I specialize in customized macros that automate routine projects.

Not real comfortable working with spreadsheets? Don't be intimidated! I can automate it in such a way that all you need to do is click a mouse and type answers to questions when prompted.

Not sure if your project is one I can help with? Ask me! I'm happy to take a look, tell you what I can do, and give you a cost estimate at no charge.

Feel free to contact me, Lynette Ackman, at Mousabilities!

Examples of past projects:

* Auto repair shop: Automated accounts receivable, income tax reports, and state sales tax reports. The new solution was very similar to the existing paper system, to minimize the change experienced by the company.

* Financial planner: Automated "expert witness" investment reports, including reports for lawyer, gain/loss calculations, data sorts, data review and error checks, etc.

* Software company: Created macro for comparing two spreadsheets for differences; reviewing new text file for duplicate records, new records, and deleted records; updating data in spreadsheets for result comparisons to calculations; functions for specific calculations such as option prices; etc.

* Not-for-profit: Created system for tracking donations and generating year-end receipts for donors' tax records.

* Caregivers of diabetic cats: Spreadsheet for tracking blood glucose levels and insulin given (if you have trouble opening the file, check your Excel security settings in Excel -> Preferences -> General, so that you are prompted on whether to open files containing macros - not prevented from opening them entirely)